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Simplify your process, outsource your logistics.

Simplify your process, outsource your logistics.

Reduce costs, optimize warehouse processes and always deliver on time! Focus on building your visions, building your business and letting your business grow.

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Looking for a way to improve your warehouse logistics? Authentica Fulfillment offers the most comprehensive solution on the Czech market. In addition to accurate logistics planning, perfect inventory visibility and fast order processing, we also offer solutions to minimize costs and streamline all sub-warehouse processes. We will help you with the development of packaging material so that your goods are even more protected. We provide complete branding of packaging and marketing materials and much more.

Grow your potential

Rely on our years of experience and responsive account managers who are able to resolve any issue immediately. Authentica Fulfillment will help you distribute goods to your B2B and B2C customers, exactly according to your individual requirements. We also offer our clients a variety of assembling and folding of products, sewing or labelling, which is provided by a sheltered workshop with the possibility of providing tax breaks according to the Czech law on doing business in the Czech Republic.